How To Grow Eyelashes? Step By Step Guide

Who does not want to show off long, thick and curly eyelashes? The eyes are one of the most beautiful attributes of a person, which is why a beauty routine specially designed to enhance that part of the face that causes so much enigma, mysticism, and charm is required.  

Now you can model longer, thicker, and curly eyelashes with these useful tips that you cannot miss. If you follow these simple steps, we guarantee you that you will have a dream look in no time. 

What Are Eyelashes Used For?


Eyelashes have 3 functions. The first function is practical: they act as a barrier against external aggressions to protect the eyes. Indeed, the eyes are very sensitive and must resort to this line of hair located at the edge of the eyelids to avoid being put to the test.

What trials? These are mainly wind, rain, dust, sand, and perspiration. The eyebrows are the first barrier of protection, but the eyelashes are closer to the eye and removable thanks to the eyelids which can wrinkle or close.

Eyelashes also have a very important role to play in facial expression. They give intensity to the gaze, but also express emotions. When you open your eyes wide in surprise, your eyelashes fan out and accentuate the expression.

The third function of the eyelashes is of the order of social exchange: they are a key element of the face to seduce. Moreover, makeup with mascara promises long, dense and well-structured eyelashes.

This makes them all the more present to intensify the gaze, to play seduction by lowering them slowly or by glancing aside. The color of the eyes is all the better highlighted when the eyelashes are showcased.

The doe gaze is the gaze of seduction par excellence and is obtained with long curved eyelashes.

Steps to longer eyelashes

These are some of the tricks to get longer and fuller eyelashes that you should follow when using makeup. With them, you will have a visually more appealing look.

All in a simple form with tools that you probably already have at home.

Curl lashes

The first step is to curl them. Remember that you should never use the curling iron when there is dampness in them, if you just got out of the shower let them dry for a while or use a hairdryer. 

Press gently and several times along the lash line to get a good result. A good trick is to apply a small heat to the curling iron. You can get it with a hot air gun instantly on it and you will notice a big difference.

Eyelash mask

To apply the mascara of your choice, it must be done in zigzagging movements, discharging more product at the root and less at the tip, letting it rest for a few seconds between layers. 

Our trick is to add a little talcum or translucent powder with a clean brush before applying the second coat of mascara. With this, they will be vastly longer and thicker. 

Comb, outline, and makeup

After the mask, you can use a toothbrush to scour them. This will contain clumps and give them more volume. To improve this effect, like the roots of your lashes, and do not forget to make up the upper waterline. This will give it a graphic touch of volume and depth.

Remove make-up 

When removing make-up, do it gently and use a make-up remover based on water and oil, which can be olive, almond, or coconut. The oil will help raise your lashes as much as your lids. 

You should never forget to clear all makeup at bedtime; otherwise, your lashes could become weak and break. To strengthen them and stimulate their growth, after drawing make-up, we can brush them with an eyelash mask brush (clean, no mask) and a little oil or petroleum jelly.

Tips To Keep Lashes Long And Strong 

Apply petroleum jelly on your eyelids and eyelashes

Before sleeping, apply a little Vaseline on your eyelids and eyelashes, leave it on overnight to keep them healthy and looking good. 

Brush them 

Brush them daily. In this route, you will stimulate hair growth. Do it consistently and you will get results after three to four weeks. Combine this tip with the previous ones and you will not regret it. 

Apply green tea to your eyes 

Apply a couple of green tea bags on your eyes completely clean and free of makeup. This drink is recognized for its antioxidant effects and its high content of flavonoids, which will promote the resistance of your eyelashes.  

Eat foods with keratin

Eat foods that are high in keratin. Keratin is one of the greatest allies of hair, so do not stop consuming foods rich in protein such as fish, chicken, rice, legumes, and eggs.  

Use olive oil

Use olive oil to promote growth. To do this, combine one part lemon juice with four parts olive oil in a jar and shake vigorously. Apply along the lashes taking care not to get the mixture in the eyes. Leave it on for twenty minutes and rinse with plenty of cold water. You can do this routine in the morning and at night every day. 

How To Prevent Your Eyelashes From Breaking? 

Sometimes it is frustrating to see eyelashes break or fall out. With these easy-to-follow tips, you will avoid those terrible moments. 

Remove makeup before bed

Don’t fall asleep with your makeup on, especially if you have mascara on your lashes. This can force them to break or fall.  

Don’t put too much mascara

Remove excess mascara before applying.  

Be delicate

When applying makeup, do it kindly, the same way when you remove your makeup. Avoid rubbing your eyes. When using the curling iron, do not press too hard. 

Eat healthily

Significantly reduce the consumption of saturated fats, as these prevent the healthy growth of your eyelashes.  

With these tips, we assure you that you will wear longer and thicker eyelashes. You will notice the differences in a few weeks.

Not to mention that you can say goodbye to extensions and false eyelashes, now you can wear long lashes naturally and, of course, much stronger and fuller. 

Hope that this article has helped you to know how to have long eyelashes. 

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