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How To Make A Dressing Room Your Home?

In this article, we tell you How to make a dressing room in your home, either because you are going to ask someone to do it for you and thus you know what you want before requesting the budget or because you have proposed to do it on your own and so on. you know the key points that you have to take into account to do it.

What Are A Dressing Room And Its Characteristics?

What Are A Dressing Room And Its Characteristics?
What Are A Dressing Room And Its Characteristics?

Surely the first thing that comes to mind is a giant room full of cabinets, clothes, accessories, and even food. Yes: American films have shown us this image many times, but it is not a concept coming from this continent, but from Europe, although there is indeed no precise data on when the first one was created.

But let’s focus on the important thing: what is a dressing room? It is a room or a large space dedicated to storing clothes and accessories, in which, in addition, we have room to change.

This leads us to the first mistake: a dressing room is not a large closet where you can store a lot of clothes in a well-ordered way. Why? Because you can’t get into this space.

However, and since not everyone has enough space to dedicate a single room to this task, there are also new concepts of dressing rooms, such as, for example, dedicating a closed space to an area of ​​a large room or having portable dressing rooms.

So that you can move that special wardrobe to an area where you can change with peace of mind and thus have a dressing room within your reach.

Types Of Dressing Rooms

The good thing about dressing rooms is that they adapt very well to the needs and styles of each house. You can have a classic and elegant one, such as the Italian design dressing rooms, or a more homemade one, dividing the space of your room in two, only using a wardrobe. 

Here are some of the most common types of dressing rooms, which are used for both small houses and larger ones:

A specific room: it is the ideal dressing room. What elements does it have to have? Basically, custom cabinets for each type of clothing you wear on a regular basis. For example one for shirts, another where you can hang ties, put hats, high boots, long coats, etc.

In addition, there should also be a space for jewelry, as well as mirrors, one or more comfortable chairs, etc. In short: that it is completely prepared so that you can get dressed or change clothes, without space problems.

Dressing room with bathroom: it is another of the ideal models because it allows you to get out of the shower and not get cold when getting dressed or doing your business before putting on your clothes, as well as being able to put on makeup or brush your teeth, for example. 

Dressing room inside the bedroom: without the need for you to have two rooms, the front closet can divide the space in two and that one part of the room has that privacy to get dressed. Of course, there has to be enough room for you to call it a real dressing room.

In these cases and so that the space is larger, our recommendation is that the cabinet doors be mirrored; thus, the space will appear larger.

With space for the iron: a perfect 2 x 1, because if you see that your clothes are wrinkled at the moment, you can do it directly or store it in the corresponding cupboard, depending on how you finish ironing it.

In the corridor of the room: or in a passage area where you can dress in privacy (it will be enough to put some doors or panels to achieve this), so that you take advantage of that space and you do not need to have an extra room dedicated to clothes.

Take advantage of the bathroom in the room: if this is your case, you can also convert that space into a dressing room, with the addition of the toilet.

It is not highly recommended to have a shower or bathtub because the clothes can be affected by humidity unless the bathroom is also very large and you can divide it into two.

Aspects To Consider

If you are thinking of having your own dressing room at home, keep in mind:

The space you have: depending on it you can opt for one style or another.

The people who are going to use it: a dressing room for a single person is not the same as for a couple or the whole family.

Your style of clothing: depending on it, you will need one type of wardrobe or another.

The distribution of the house: there are some that have dead spaces (such as the corridors that I mentioned above) that can be used perfectly; also rooms with lowered height, where you can take advantage of the space to make cabinets or store clothes from other seasons, for example.

In short: it’s about knowing your style of clothing, a place to locate it, and getting down to work.

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