Benefits Of Video Marketing For Your Business

This article is about to Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Business. Let,s Discuss it.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the branch of marketing that focuses on how a company (also sole proprietorship) can use video to achieve different objectives.

Regularly, we only relate audiovisual formats to television commercials. However, now that digital marketing is on the crest of the wave, video allows you to achieve many more goals.

Benefits Of Video Marketing

If you are not yet using video marketing in your business, here are powerful reasons why it should be part of your marketing strategy.

 Helps you place yourself as an expert

You live in a moment in which the visual commands above all else and there is nothing like what you can see with your own eyes.

Thanks to the video you can clearly show the benefits of your service or what your product is capable of. This undoubtedly helps to increase credibility and perceive your product or service as more valuable.

Improve brand recall

Related to the previous point, those videos that manage to convey emotions with humor, entertainment, controversy, or impact make it easier for the user not only to remember the video but also to recognize the brand when making a purchase decision.

Accessible for all pockets

With a simple camera and a small ingenuity, it is possible to create a video that catches the attention of your users. Until not so long ago, the only option, too expensive, was television commercials.

Television is a platform that reaches millions of users and with high quality at the production level, becoming prohibitive for medium and small companies.

However, thanks to video marketing it is now also possible to reach millions of people and also do it more effectively and even more convincingly.

You see how many large companies are allocating part of their budget to creating videos for this type of platform beyond television itself.

It is easy to enter YouTube and see how multiple products and brands use this forum to promote themselves. That is why if you have a business, it is the perfect time to introduce video marketing in your promotion strategy.

Show your business to a wider audience

YouTube is the second web search engine behind Google and the third most visited website behind the search engine and Facebook. Imagine what it means for your video to capture a small portion of the billions of page views that YouTube has per month.

The very power of the platform added to the virality of the rest of the social networks creates a perfect cocktail to achieve a great diffusion of your video content.

Promoting a video through channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus is within your reach and is a great stimulus to the exposure of your business as well as to the improvement of your results.


Viral video marketing is already a reality. The most viral content that exists (and with a huge difference) is the video. According to the post you linked to earlier, 41% of people share the videos they watch on their mobile.


video is a great format to improve the SEO of a page because videos attract the attention of the user who usually hits play. No matter how little you see, the time spent on the page will increase and the positioning will be optimized.


Your branding improves a lot when using videos because they continue to be a format that transmits great professionalism. If you are a freelancer, you are also interested, since your personal brand will grow like foam if your followers can see what you are like in the flesh.


This is one of the great benefits. The conversion increases dramatically with a video. According to a report by Adelie Studios, the conversion of a landing page that includes video is 80% better than if it does not have this resource.

Content marketing

Using videos within your posts will give your content strategy a lot of life. You can even combine the creation of text content with streaming videos.

More channels to attract traffic

Opening a channel on YouTube is a great way to take advantage of our videos to attract traffic and direct it to our website. Remember that Google also values ​​YouTube a lot when it comes to displaying its results. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find multiple videos in the top 10 for many keywords.

Customer loyalty

It is a bit of what we told you in relation to improving the brand. If you and your team appear in a video, you will gain the trust of the audience. This is a great test of transparency.


If you add all the above benefits, it is logical that sales increase. But not only that: including a video in a product sheet can boost sales. 90% of users say that watching a video related to the article helps them make a decision.

Ready To Start Implementing A Video Marketing Strategy?

Whatever your business, using videos is always interesting. Although you have already seen the many benefits that video marketing has, there are still very few companies that use techniques of this style. Use video marketing and turn it into the element that differentiates you from the competition.

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