How To Save TikTok Videos Without posting

This article is about to How to save TikTok videos without posting. Social networking is a really easy way to get people online, so more and more digital platforms are being created every day that aim to attract users to your network.

This is TikTok a social network that has caused a stir among Internet users. Because it offers great entertainment options for those who enjoy it.

Furthermore, as this social network is not only a space for consumption but also the creation of audiovisual content, all registered users have equal access to it.

Many may want to save their first videos to remember or send to other people, as well as publish them on other networks. If you still don’t know how to do this, this article will explain.

TikTok How Do You Save A Video From The App?

Fortunately, this program organically allows you to save videos, and it’s very easy to do. It doesn’t even take a lot of time and it only takes a few minutes, a few steps, and a touch of the screen to enjoy the contents of the gallery and share it with your loved ones.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • First, you need to save the app on your mobile phone.
  • You have already installed it, open the application.
  • Then you have to look for the video that you want to save.
  • It should then have an arrow icon on the right side of the screen.
  • It is known as Share.
  • Click on options to see “save video”.
  • It needs to be pressed, so the process will begin and in a few seconds, the video will be saved in your mobile gallery.

How To Download Videos From TikTok?

How To Download Videos From TikTok?
How To Download Videos From TikTok?

Let’s go straight to the point and see how to download videos from other user channels. Fortunately, the download feature is available in the TikTok app on both Android and iPhone and iPad.

How To Save TikTok Videos To Android?

to save videos from TikTok for Android All you have to do is log in to your account using the official social networking app, go to the video you’re interested in and click the button that lets you download it.

First, to access TikTok from your official app, click the cab icon (bottom left) and scroll through the channel to find the uploaded content: find, tap the right arrow icon (on the right), and then click the Save Video button in the menu that appears. facing down (center down).

Or, you can operate successfully by simply holding your finger on the movie you’re interested in and selecting Save Video from the menu that appears in the center of the screen. In either case, the movie will be saved directly to your device’s gallery. Easier than that?

If you want, you can share the content in question on other social platforms (e.g. Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.) via the menu that appeared immediately after saving the video: just click on one of the icons in question and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.

How To Save TikTok Videos To I Phone?

before you can save videos from TikTok to your iPhone (and possibly your iPad as well ), you need to follow virtually the same instructions I gave you in the previous section for Android.

So again, you should first access TikTok through its official app by clicking on the cab icon (bottom left) and scrolling through the feed to find the content you’re downloading.

When you find one you like, press the right arrow button (right-click) and tap Save video in the menu that opens, with the arrow pointing down (bottom center).

If you want, you can also operate the question by simply long-tapping on the video you’re interested in and clicking on the item. Save Video is a menu that appears in the center of the screen. Once the video starts downloading, it will be saved in a few moments in Photos.

If you want, you can share your video on other social networks (like Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.) right after you record it: just click one of the platform icons represented by the appropriate icons and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the operation.

How To Save TikTok Videos?

How To Save TikTok Videos?
How To Save TikTok Videos?

Wondering how to save your TikTok videos instead of others’? Well, it’s also possible to do that: now I’ll explain how.

How To Save TikTok Videos Without Publishing?

Are you going to save only TikTok videos to your account? Well, at the time of writing this can only be done in one way: to make the relevant videos private and then, before posting them in your account, to activate the feature that allows you to save them in place.

This will save the videos in your device’s gallery and not make them public.

Therefore, to continue, access TikTok using the official app for Android or iOS, tap the (+) button at the bottom, and after selecting the length of the video ( 15s and 60s ), start Grabar by pressing the pink dot below.

When you start recording, press the button. Avoid and climb the EN switch lever located according to the wording Save in device. Then tap Who can see this video and choose a voice privately.

Finally, click the Public button and wait for the video to be posted to your profile (it will only be visible to you, as I have already told you). In the meantime, it will also be saved in your device’s gallery.

How To Save TikTok Videos Without Entering Text?

If you used this guide to learn how to save TikTok videos without entering text, I have bad news for you: the platform does not allow users to remove the program logo and the name of the account that created the content.

The reasons for this are pretty clear: promote the TikTok platform and content creator if the video is shared on other social networks.

In addition, there are services and apps (especially for Android) that allow you to download videos from TikTok by removing the text, but I don’t recommend using them.

Why? Well, first of all, removing watermarks from TikTok violates the terms of use of the service (this may result in the termination of your account or, worse, the legal action of the company controlling the service per se).

Additionally, using third-party solutions to download TikTok videos may compromise the security of your account (as some of them require you to enter your login information).

How To Save TikTok Clips Without In Logo?

Although TikTok is a great platform, not everyone wants this company’s famous logo in their videos. Surely you have wondered how you can remove it and publish your content on another online platform or maybe just enjoy it with friends in the original version.

Unfortunately, TikTok does not allow its followers to remove the logo and account name directly from the official app.

Although it may seem strange to you, this is a marketing operation that TikTok cares a lot about, being able with a viral video to advertise both the creator and the platform in one fell swoop is a reliable strategy that he will hardly give up even in the future.

Luckily, there are workarounds you can rely on, third-party apps and services allow you to download music platform videos and remove the logo.

it should be noted that with this operation you could incur the violation of the conditions signed with TikTok at the time of registration on the platform.

This condition could result in the closure of the account or in the most significant cases also legal action by the company. In addition to that, your account security might also be compromised by these third-party apps, so think carefully before you think about removing the logo from clips.

To learn more, I suggest you read our guide on how to download videos from TikTok without a logo.

Also read: How to register on TikTok.

How To View Saved Videos On TikTok From PC?

How To View Saved Videos On TikTok From PC
How To View Saved Videos On TikTok From PC?

Watching TikTok clips on smartphones has almost become a habit, everyone is inclined to use their smartphones to enjoy funny music videos.

In addition to the official site, which naturally requires access to the platform, it is possible to listen and watch videos on PC via other methods. Let’s see what they are.

Official site

By logging into the official TikTok website through your computer’s browser, you can access the social platform and after logging in, perform all the searches you want by username or hashtag and view the videos of the point or those you are looking for.


You may not know that it is possible to watch TikTok videos without being a subscriber to the platform. There are several websites that allow you to watch your favorite Tiktoker clips from your computer.


For you to have TikTok on your computer, you can also use an Android Emulator, it’s nothing more than a way to trick your computer into thinking it’s a part smartphone.

The big advantage is that you can use the applications from the Play Store and enjoy them comfortably from your PC. But which one to choose?

The best is definitely BlueStacks, to download it, go to the official website and download it by clicking on the Download Bluestacks button, on the central page.

After downloading, double click with the left mouse button and install it, Windows will of course ask you to accept the conditions. After installation it is advisable to configure your emulator, you can connect it directly to your Google account by pressing Start or creating a new password and selecting the email you prefer.

Now it’s time to install TikTok from the Play Store, all you have to do is search on the top right of the search bar for the application Tik Tok. Once found click on install and then on Avri. You are now officially on the TikTok homepage and can log in with your account credentials.

It would be possible to install the TikTok application on the PC even with an APK file, but we believe that installing directly from the emulator and the Play Store is safer and more reliable.

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