How To Protect Your Business

In this article, we discuss How to protect your business. Let’s discuss it.

Any small and medium-sized business is exposed to a security-related incident. Faced with this threat, there is only one answer on part: increase business protection.

Due to the health crisis related to COVID-19, many businesses have been forced to close, have had to opt for teleworking, or have decided to open on reduced hours.

These conditions, which place numerous offices and premises in a more vulnerable setting, have highlighted the need to take a series of measures to keep companies that have been affected by this situation safe. If you are curious about increasing the security of your business, these tips can be very useful:

Increase Visibility

If your business is at street level, you should avoid having a window full of adhesive advertising elements that prevent you from seeing what is happening outside.

It is also convenient to have good lighting, both inside and beyond the premises, especially at times of the year when it locks after dark.

 Strengthens Exterior Accesses

In addition to reinforcing the surveillance of common areas, such as access lobbies, stairs, or corridors, it is necessary to install security measures at any access to the premises:

  • The windows should be prepared, if possible, with reinforced glass and anti-moon pivots.
  • The entrance door must have reinforced frames and anti-theft locks. In addition, it is desirable to install a safety lock with a trellis that cannot be cut or tampered with.
  • In the windows and other elements of access from the outside, such as skylights, it is convenient to put anti-lever bars and movement detectors that warn us if they are being tampered with.
  • Installing a perimeter detector to protect outdoor areas is an excellent idea to prevent theft when we are not on the premises. The most advanced security systems are wireless devices that incorporate a color camera with a built-in flash that takes a burst of images when it locates an unauthorized presence outside the building.
  • Inside the premises, the showcases and exhibitors must remain locked, and reinforce partitions, ceilings and floors at their weakest points to prevent buttons.

Video Surveillance: Effective And Dissuasive

It is essential that small and medium-sized companies that work with the public install an interior video surveillance system to control what happens inside the facilities.

In addition to having a control system for opening the entrance doors to the premises, it is convenient to have cameras within it.

Some of these video surveillance cameras may be visible in order to have a deterrent effect, while others will stay hidden from public view and will be sought at recording and monitoring what happens inside the establishment.

The Need For Alarms

One of the most commonly used security measures in business is alarms. Small and medium-sized companies must have an audible alarm connected to a receiving center that provides support according to a previously agreed security plan.

The most advanced alarms on the market have the ZeroVision system, capable of generating a situation of zero visibility through dense smoke that fills the room in a matter of seconds, making the intruder unable to see anything.

On the other hand, the alarm should have an SOS Anti-robbery button that allows you to request help from the receiving center at any time and in any emergency.

In addition, theft prevention will be completed with posters that apparently indicate that the premises have noticed, both outside the facilities and inside.

Have Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

All SMEs, regardless of the sector they belong to, are exposed to security-related incidents. Hence the importance of having comprehensive insurance coverage as a guarantee of business protection.

To choose good insurance, it is important to investigate the different options that exist in the market, compare and choose the one that best suits the needs of the business, taking into account the coverage and cost.

Specialized Legal Advice

Businesses must have trusted legal advice that offers them legal protection, especially in matters such as data protection, debt recovery, social security, or any other labor, tax, or commercial aspect.

The most convenient thing is to choose specialized legal advice in the field of our activity that provides us with specialized help, applying the necessary tools when a problem arises that requires your intervention.

Adequate Business Fire Protection

The fires do not offer a second chance. Many of these incidents destroy not only the facilities, but can also cause the closure of the business and, in the worst case, the loss of human life.

To avoid its devastating consequences, it is best to have fire fighting equipment properly installed and maintained. It will also be necessary to instruct the staff in its use. In this sense, there are fire alarms that are activated when their detectors warn of the presence of smoke.

These alarms are connected to the receiving center in charge of notifying the firefighters, health personnel, or police, which allows a quick and effective intervention before the damage is irreversible.

The Vision Of The Specialists

The protection of the business must be, in any case, in the hands of specialists. If you want to hire a surveillance system that includes alarms, it is essential that a specialist comes to the premises to advise your on which ones are best for you and where they should be found.

At Securitas Direct this personalized advice is provided free of charge.

In the same way, the insurance company and the legal advice have to have specialists in the activity that you develop, so that they can advise you on what is best for you based on the needs of your business.

Business protection is a key element for its viability. Although not all premises need the same protection, prevention means that all small and medium-sized companies can continue to carry out their activity with full guarantees, preventing any incident from becoming a problem that could threaten their continuity.

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