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John Hiatt Net Worth

John Hiatt Net Worth

Hiatt is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who has been a popular figure in rock music for several decades. He has received multiple awards and is considered a major artist in the genre. His net worth is estimated to be $8 million dollars as of 2023.

John Hiatt was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on August 20, 1952, and began his career as a songwriter. He moved to Nashville in 1971 and worked for Tree-Music Publishing Company.

He has released several albums in his career and has received a number of awards, including a Grammy Award. He is also known for his wry lyrical style and storytelling abilities.

His narrative songs are usually short and fast paced, similar to the writing style of renowned short story writer Raymond Carver. They often end with an ironic twist.

The singer-songwriter has recorded a variety of musical styles on his albums and has won numerous accolades, including a Grammy Award. He has also toured extensively throughout his career.

In the early 1980s, he signed with Geffen Records and released three albums on the label. The first, All of a Sudden, was produced by Tony Visconti (David Bowie and T. Rex) and incorporated keyboards and synthesizers. The second, Riding with the King, was produced by Nick Lowe and Scott Matthews.

While these records were well-received, they did not attract a large audience of record buyers. Nonetheless, they were highly praised by critics and earned Hiatt a reputation as a songwriter who was both original and accessible.

He later moved to Los Angeles, where he played in various clubs and opened for folk artists. He eventually secured a deal with MCA Records, and began recording his first album, Slug Line.

The album was a mix of rock and folk. In addition to his wry lyrical style, it also featured guitar work that was more aggressive than Hiatt had been in his previous work.

His lyrics often evoked his own personal struggles. He grew up in a difficult home with a divorced mother and a brother who died at a young age, and had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

After his first marriage ended, he started dating a woman named Nancy Stanley. She had previously been a songwriter, and they had two children together.

In 1980, Hiatt joined Ry Cooder’s band, playing rhythm guitar on the guitarist’s Borderline and touring with him. He also made his first album for MCA, Two Bit Monsters.

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While he was a success as a guitarist and songwriter in the rock world, his reputation as a vocalist was not yet established. He struggled to break into the mainstream and was dropped from Geffen after releasing 1983’s Riding with the King, which did not sell well.

He went on to make three more albums for MCA, and a successful tour in 1985. He also signed with A&M Records in 1987.

He is known for his wry lyrical skills and storytelling abilities, and has been called a “master of the crooner.” His songs are frequently based on personal crises and are often about love, loss, or other important life events. He has won a number of awards for his music, and has been nominated for nine Grammy Awards. He is also a recipient of the prestigious National Medal of Arts.

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