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Rob Machado Net Worth

Rob Machado Net Worth

Rob Machado is an Australian-born American professional surfer. He has a successful international surfing career in the World Surf League.

Born in 1973, Rob Machado was raised in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. At age 10, he started surfing. The next year, he turned pro and began competing in competitions. He eventually finished in the top three in the world rankings twice. In addition to surfing, he also has an environmental passion. Since then, he has founded the Rob Machado Foundation. These efforts are aimed at educating children about environmental conservation.

As a professional surfer, Rob has accumulated a net worth of approximately $6 million. His main source of income is his professional surfing career. Although he has been retired from the WCT for more than a decade, he is still an active member of the surf community. Among the biggest sponsors of Rob are Dragon Eyewear and Rip Curl.

He has won various high-profile surf competitions and was awarded a Pipe Masters title in Hawaii. Despite retiring from professional surfing, he is still a highly popular figure. Aside from his accomplishments as a surfer, he has also appeared in several movies and documentaries. Most notably, he co-wrote the 2009 film The Drifter.

Rob has two daughters. One is named Sophie and the other is Jaxton. Their marriage was private. They married in 1998, but the relationship was short lived. In 2007, they divorced. When they were together, they opened a concept clothing boutique in Encinitas, California called Salt Culture.

Robert is the son of Chris and Jim Machado. Rob’s father is an avid skier and his mother is also passionate about skiing. While growing up, Rob admired his father’s skills as a sniper. Therefore, he wanted to pursue his father’s career. Unfortunately, his father was not willing to let him join the US Navy SEALS.

Rob was a member of the US Navy for 16 years. During his time in the military, he was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. It was during his deployment to Afghanistan that he fought against Osama bin Laden. After Osama’s death, Robert wrote a blog describing his experiences in the war-torn country.

During his military service, he served as a sniper. Upon his return to civilian life, Robert had a tough transition. Instead of enjoying a traditional retirement, he lost his government pension. However, he has managed to keep his net worth up to date.

Among the many accolades that Rob has received, he has been recognized for his work in the environmental sector. His foundation, the Rob Machado Foundation, aims to educate people about environmental conservation. This includes sponsoring local environmental projects.

In 2011, Rob was inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach, California. Additionally, he has been featured in several other sports related documentaries. Some of his other awards include a World Championship Tour title.

As a member of the US Navy SEALS, Rob was part of the team that rescued Captain Richard Philips of the Maersk Alabama.

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