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The Keys To Getting The Perfect Nordic Bathroom

If you are looking for a style that helps make your bathroom appear spacious, simple but elegant, and, above all, practical as well as aesthetic, it is clear that what you need is a Nordic bathroom.

You will see how it is much easier to work this space with this decorative style than the rest of the rooms. You will have a very elegant and pleasant space in which to relax after a hard day at work.

A Nordic Bathroom, An Ideal Space

A Nordic Bathroom, An Ideal Space
A Nordic Bathroom, An Ideal Space

Are you one of those who like to relax in the bathroom by taking a good shower? You don’t like spaces that are too loaded so as not to feel overwhelmed? What can you move easily? Well, it is more than clear that what you need in your house is a Nordic bathroom.

It is a space that, despite its simplicity, aesthetically speaking is perfect for any type of home. Throughout this article, we will give you a series of tips to decorate your Nordic bathroom, as well as several ideas to make it spectacular. And, of course, a few tips for saving.

What Requirements Must A Bathroom Meet Be Nordic?

Now let’s talk about the characteristics that every bathroom must have to be considered a Nordic-style bathroom. They are quite easy to comply with, so don’t be overwhelmed by this.

White, the main color

No matter what furniture you choose, no matter the type of tile or floor. white should be the main color of this space. You can have a completely white Nordic bathroom, and you will see how it looks great.

The more lighting the better

It is important that in a Nordic bathroom there is a lot of lighting and that it looks like a light space, which is why, among other things, the color white is used. So take great care that natural light and the type of artificial light you put in.

No waiting for spaces

Nothing to have the toilet behind a wall or that the bathtub and shower are separated from the rest of the bathroom. A Nordic space is a space without doors or walls. In the bathroom, everything has to be in sight, without there being anything that spoils it visually.

Natural elements

You must introduce some natural elements in your Nordic bathroom, such as wood. This is easy since you can incorporate it through the furniture.

But it would not hurt if you saw other elements, such as stone, which you can incorporate with an accessory or vegetation, with a plant.

Walls And Floor In A Nordic Bathroom

Walls And Floor In A Nordic Bathroom
Walls And Floor In A Nordic Bathroom

The walls

Let’s talk about the walls first of all. As we have pointed out in the previous point, white will be the main color of your bathing suit. So, the walls should be white, or a variant of it.

It is the flagship of Nordic decoration. Now, if you don’t like white, you can choose a gray or earth-type color.

As for how much to put on the walls, you have two options; covered with tiles or partially. The first option is the most practical, and the best for small or medium-sized bathrooms. If they are in white, ideal because it makes the space appear larger than it is.

The second option would be to tile halfway up, leaving the rest of the wall bare. A great idea if you choose, for example, to put the tiles in a darker tone and the upper part lighter or vice versa. But, in the bathtub or shower area, you will have to cover the entire wall.

Remember that the paint must be designed to withstand humidity so that it does not fade after a few days of applying it.


Now let’s go to the ground. It is clear that in a space as simple as a Nordic bathroom, putting a blank floor would be the most appropriate option. But, luckily, this style gives other more original options.

For example, put some hydraulic tiles, with a white base, while the designs of the shapes can have some color. Another option would be wood, as Nordic wooden bathrooms are very fashionable. It is an elegant option, but the wood must be designed to withstand contact with water.

If you are concerned that there might be leaks of some kind, why not add a fake wood floor? It is cheaper, and visually it will be just as good.

Lighting Up A Nordic Bathroom

If there is a bathroom that is easy to achieve perfect lighting, it is in a Nordic-style bathroom. As they are spaces in which white prevails, they are light spaces that, even at night, have perfect lighting.

Do you need a large window?

In the lighting of Nordic bathrooms, the first thing you look for is that there is as much natural light as possible. However, sometimes it is complicated because you can not always put a large window. What’s more, some bathrooms don’t even have them.

If you have the opportunity to make a window in your bathroom, then make it as large as the regulations allow. An aluminum window in white, with a semi-transparent glass, unless you live in a chalet or house with a garden, in which case it can be a normal glass.

What do they not allow you to put a window? There are many ideas for Nordic bathrooms regarding lighting to make it a clear space!

Simple lights

You already know that when decorating a Nordic-style bathroom, simplicity is sought above all. So there is no place to put lamps with striking shapes. Artificial lighting is simple.

Generally, several spotlights are placed in a false ceiling, distributed throughout the room, trying to make the bathtub or shower have independent lighting.

On the other hand, in the washbasin area, an equally simple lamp is placed, but with a modern appearance, such as with a curved arm attached to the mirror with two cylindrical light bulbs.

Or if the mirror has a small roof, two spotlights to illuminate that area when you need to wash up and so you will not have to turn on the ceiling light.

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