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The Best Secret To Having An Industrial Kitchen

In this article, we discuss The best secret to having an industrial kitchen. Do you know that every so often it is good to give your kitchen a facelift?

Reforming it does not have to mean that you have to use the same style again. Why not try something new? How can an industrial kitchen be?

Far from what people may think, industrial kitchens are not dark, they have a special charm and they are the perfect place to wake up your inner chef to create the best dishes.

Industrial Kitchen Decoration, The Perfect Space For The Modern Chef

Industrial Kitchen Decoration
Industrial Kitchen Decoration

The industrial decoration is relatively new, and thus, the decoration of industrial kitchens is gaining more and more strength within the world of interior design.

The use of metal, leaving everything in the open, and having a large amount of space to work in make this space perfect for the modern cook, creating a carefree and timeless design. In other words, industrial kitchen design never goes out of style.

We are going to reveal everything you need to know about this type of design, learn how to distribute an industrial kitchen, and the best way to take advantage of space.

Characteristics Of The Decoration Of Any Industrial Kitchen

The first of all is going to be that you know a little what are the characteristics that the industrial decoration of a kitchen should have, so take note.

Work materials insight

Bricks, a worn floor, the electrical installation … in the decoration of an industrial-style kitchen some elements must be visible to say that they are of this style and will look good in the room.

Right off the bat, it may seem like a “far-fetched” idea. However, when you learn how to use this to your advantage, you will see how it is a very original idea.

Metals everywhere

Steel, aluminum. all the metals that you can think of should be visible in your industrial kitchen. These can be incorporated through the furniture or a decorative piece. Even crystal and glass are welcome.

Dark environment, but with light

Then we are going to teach you how to get the most out of lighting in industrial decoration for a kitchen.

The first thing you should understand is that a kitchen with an industrial design tends to have a muted tone, both due to the color of the paint and the furniture.

However, it has to be as bright as possible, counteracting the effect of this darkness. Hard? For nothing, you’ll see how decorating an industrial kitchen is easier than it seems.

Working With The Walls And Floor Of An Industrial Kitchen

Have you already demolished everything in your kitchen? Good, because now we are going to tell you about everything you need to know. Explaining how to make an industrial kitchen step by step would be a bit of a drag for you.

So we are going to explain each section to you separately. The first of all will be to talk about the type of paint for industrial kitchens, as well as what is best for the floor and the wall.

If You Want To Paint An Industrial Kitchen, What Colors Do You Choose?

The truth is that the colors that are usually used to paint an industrial kitchen are very limited. Dark colors are used above all, such as black and gray, in all their shades.

Color is introduced through household appliances, such as a red stainless steel coffee maker, a white refrigerator, or a blue microwave (if you like it, why not?).

Wallpaper is not used, and as a general rule, the color is introduced in the area where the countertop and cabinets will be. Although you can have the whole kitchen painted if that’s what you like. Another option is tiling but in these shades.

Are bare walls better?

The truth is that for many, having exposed walls is better when working in the kitchen with industrial decoration.

Seeing the exposed bricks has its charm, and it can be very good if you know how to fill in the gaps. Now, if you are not very good at it, you could turn to wallpaper to put a false brick wall.

Before we told you that it was not used, but in this case, if you are not good at working with walls, it is your best option.

What to do with the soil?

The normal thing is to put a concrete floor. It may seem a bit cold, but it is usually the most suitable option. Another option is to choose a type of tile that simulates those of the street, to give it a more urban look.

Now, if you like a type of ceramic tile or another material, you can put it, but try that, above all, it is in a dark tone to match the color of the wall.

And what to do with the roof?

The truth is that it would be advisable for there to be no ceiling. In the decoration of industrial kitchens, everything has to be in sight, especially the pipes and floor beams.

So, look on the bright side, if you know how to organize the light cables well, you can save a lot of money by putting a false ceiling to cover everything.

The Lighting Of An Industrial Kitchen, How To Take Advantage Of It?

The Lighting Of An Industrial Kitchen
The Lighting Of An Industrial Kitchen

More than worrying about how to design an industrial kitchen, you should worry a little about learning how to get the most out of its lighting.

Keep in mind that kitchens are usually the darkest space in the house, so you may have to use artificial light a lot.

No cabinets and pendant lamps

A practical solution, although it will reduce your storage space a lot if the kitchen is small, is to eliminate the cabinets, leaving the walls exposed. On them, you can hang lamps to illuminate the work surface.

Lighting on an island

If your kitchen is big enough, don’t think twice and add a kitchen island. On it, finished in steel and wood, but three lamps hanging from the ceiling.

This way you will have enough light to be able to work on your dishes, no matter how little light you have in the kitchen.

Lighting in cabinets

What gets little light during the day and with the ceiling lighting you don’t have enough to work at night? It does not matter, because if you put lighting in the cabinets you will get that extra light you need.

Open up the space

It is an option that they resort to a lot when they are thinking of decorating an industrial-style kitchen. Throw the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room and unify everything in a single space.

In this way, you can take advantage of the light coming from the living room to your kitchen and make the most of the space.

Furniture In An Industrial Kitchen, All Metal?

Indeed, metal materials are mostly used in this style. However, you should not worry, because you can use other materials.

Combination of different materials

Clearly, using metal for kitchen furniture is not going to be very practical, so when decorating an industrial-style kitchen you will have to combine the materials.

For furniture, buy wooden furniture, but with metal handles, to introduce this element. On the island or countertop, look for one made of aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel. Although the stone is also well seen.

You can introduce metal through small elements, such as appliances, chairs (legs, especially), and different kitchen utensils.

In a dark shade

As with the walls, the furniture tends to have a muted tone, using the natural color of the wood, in its darker variants.

However, in the case of having chosen a light tone for the wall, we recommend that the color of the cabinets be black or gray. You could even choose tempered glass in a fairly muted hue to counteract this effect.

With or without cabinets?

How to assemble an industrial kitchen depends on personal tastes. Some like cabinets and then there are those who detest them because they seem to make the space smaller.

In the industrial decoration of a kitchen, you can choose both options. Some ideas for an industrial kitchen would be to put some shelves or shelves in the work area. This way you will have quick access to what you need to cook.

Another option would be to use the opposite wall for the shelves or even a tall cabinet. In this way, you will get that storage space that you will lose.

Any more furniture?

Before we explained that including an island would depend on the space you would have. However, in the industrial decoration of the kitchen, it is and is good to have one.

Another option would be a table to eat at, which at the same time serves to prepare some dishes. In this case, we recommend a table with a glass table and steel legs, with some stainless steel chairs. It is one of the many ideas for an industrial kitchen that you can choose from.

Home appliances, with which to introduce color

Every kitchen needs good appliances, and industrial kitchens are no wonder. What’s more, these can help you introduce color in the kitchen.

Aluminum or another color?

This will depend on your decision. Our opinion on this is that if the kitchen is too dark, use the appliances to get something cheerful color.

Of course, a red refrigerator would stand out too much, or a green oven. To introduce the colors with the small elements, such as the coffee maker, the toaster …

The extractor hood

You are going to need a good hood with which you can eliminate the smoke while you cook. Now, what kind of hood?

The best is a large one, which you can have in case you decide to ditch the wall cabinets. If not, it will have to be a recessed one.

How to make an industrial kitchen hood is not complicated, but they are not expensive, so you could get a cheap option in the catalog of the stores and save yourself the effort to work in other areas of the kitchen.

The oven and the microwave, on high?

Another decision that will depend on your personal taste. It is true that nowadays, even in the design of an industrial kitchen, it has become fashionable for the oven and microwave to be high up, and located in a column.

Aesthetically it is something that looks very good, but do you really need it to be like that? You must assess what is best for you when cooking.

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