What Options are there when Looking to Rent a Box Truck

The freight industry is a very important one as it can help ensure products are able to be shipped all over the country and globe. For those that are in the freight industry, or need to move items for personal reasons, having access to quality trucks is always very important. When you are in need of box truck rentals, there are various options to consider. Each option has different features that could make it ideal for your situation.

15’ E350 Box Truck

When you are looking for a box truck for your moving or transportation needs, the 15’ E350 is a good option to consider. This is a smaller box truck that is characterized by its 15-foot depth. While it may sound small compared to other options, it does have the ability to transport up to 7300 pounds of payload.

These box trucks are also very easy to drive and do not require a CDL to operate. They are also narrow enough that it is not hard to drive through crowded and busy streets. The 15’ E350 also comes with a large front cab that can sit comfortably with the driver and one passenger.  It will also come with cruise control, air conditioning, and a ramp to keep you comfortable and make the move more efficient.

15’ E350 Box Truck with Liftgate

When you are using a box truck for moving or transportation, you will want to be assured that you have the ability to move your cargo once it has arrived. While the standard 15’ E350 box truck will come with a ramp, this may not be enough. Another option to consider is to upgrade to the 15’ E350 box truck with a liftgate. With this box truck, you will receive all of the same features as the standard version, but you will also receive a hydraulic liftgate for easier loading and unloading. This can make it much easier to load and unload bulkier and heavy items.

24’ F650 Box Truck

If you have a larger capacity need, you may want to upgrade your box truck to the 24’ F650. This box truck has more than double the payload capacity and has a depth of 24 feet with a six-foot height. It is often a great truck to rent if you are moving an entire home or for commercial purposes, as it can manage a payload of more than 17,000 pounds.

The truck will also come standard with a wide-opening door and ramp that can hold over 2,500 pounds at any given time. While it is a much larger truck, it is still easy for more people to drive in busy settings and you do not need to have a CDL license. Beyond having plenty of payload and cargo capacity, the 24’ F650 is also comfortable to drive as it comes with air conditioning, a 65-gallon fuel tank, AM/FM radio, and other entertainment features. It also has a comfortable cabin with plenty of space for two people.

26’ F750 Box Truck

If you are looking to maximize your payload capacity and cargo space, a top option to consider is to get the 26’ F750 box truck. This is often the largest box truck that you can drive without needing a CDL. The 26’ length and 8’ height offer plenty of cargo capacity and the 17,000-pound payload capacity is ideal if you are looking to move plenty of heavy items. Similar to other box trucks, it comes with a large ramp and door, interior entertainment and comfort features, and a large cabin that offers ample space for two passengers.

Renting a box truck is a good option for many people for either personal or commercial purposes. When you are in need of a box truck rental, there are various options to consider. It is important to consider the features of each option, including the payload capacity, cargo space, and other amenities that can help make the move easier.


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