Why White Label PPC is a Smart Investment for Your Business

Adding white-label PPC to your agency’s service offerings is a smart way to increase revenue without hiring additional staff. In addition to generating new business, it’s also a great way to build brand awareness and credibility. When you partner with a white-label PPC management company, you can focus on helping your clients improve their other digital marketing campaigns to get bigger results.

Free Up Your In-House Staff

Establishing your agency as a respected voice in the world of PPC is important. Regularly conveying your expertise in this space can build trust with prospective clients and help them feel more comfortable outsourcing their PPC to your team. Another way to build trust with prospects is by offering a free trial of your white-label PPC services. This is a great way to demonstrate that your service will produce results for their business and can work synergistically with other digital marketing efforts. When vetting your white-label PPC partner, it’s essential to understand their expectations from the start of your relationship. The clearer both parties are about responsibilities, the more likely they’ll deliver on their promises and produce excellent client outcomes. For example, some agencies prefer to partner with white-label PPC firms that offer a fixed fee service up to a specific ad spend cap. This simplifies pricing and eliminates any conflict of interest for their clients.

Offer an Advertising Bundle

There are several ways to bundle white-label PPC services with other digital marketing services, but the most effective way is to offer them on a percentage of ad spend basis. This gives your clients a positive incentive to increase their ad spend because it increases their ROI and incentivizes your white-label partner to deliver results that will result in increased ad spend and higher fees. When choosing a white-label provider, look for one that offers similar software to yours and has a well-documented onboarding process that fits your agency’s onboarding process. Look for one that communicates with your client in the same frequency you do and can respond quickly to questions or concerns. White label PPC provides a great way for agencies to add a service that they know their clients will value without the expense and risk of hiring in-house staff. Access to experts in another area of digital marketing can widen an agency’s perspective, teach them new strategies, and help them grow their client base.

Develop a Referral Program

We all know that it’s impossible to be an expert in every area of digital marketing. There are just limits on knowledge, budget and people. So, rather than trying to be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none, focus on your strengths and partner with a white-label agency that is well-versed in other areas where you’re not an expert. For example, if you specialize in SEO, look for a PPC management agency that can help your clients maximize their ROI by offering bundles of both services. This way, your clients can get more value from their digital advertising efforts, and you can increase the average lifetime value of each client.

You can also use the white-label agency’s data and case studies to create an attractive sales presentation for your prospects. Then, when they see how your PPC campaigns have helped other businesses in their industry, they’re likely to buy. This is especially true when they can easily see the return on their investment.

Offer a Free Trial

A free trial allows a prospective client to get acquainted with the PPC services you’re offering. It also gives you a chance to demonstrate the value of your work and how it can be bundled with other digital marketing services like SEO or social media management. A white-label agency can help you create bundles incentivizing clients with attractive pricing and service extras. They will also have a documented onboarding process that you can follow to ensure all parties are on the same page. Trying to be a jack-of-all-trades can lead to inefficiency and mediocrity. Outsourcing certain areas of your digital marketing business to specialists gives you an edge over the competition and opens new revenue streams. This is a win for everyone. Clients want measurable results, and the white-label agency can deliver them. In addition, this type of relationship provides peace of mind for you and the client.


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