What to Expect From Home Health Services in Beaverton OR

Home health care is medical care that can be given in your home. Your doctor or practitioner may order it if you have an illness or injury. Home health aides, nurses, and other health professionals will visit you at home to check your condition and give you care. They will also teach you or your caregiver how to do some of the care.

Home Health Aides

Home health aides provide medical services like wound care and help with equipment such as oxygen tubes or catheters. They also provide education on managing and treating your illness at home.

They also coordinate with your doctor or practitioner to ensure that the medical care you receive is coordinated well with the rest of your healthcare. Learn more about home health service Beaverton OR by visiting the O*NET resource.


Nurses and other medical experts visit you at home to provide home health care services. They may help you with wound care, medicines, or medical equipment like oxygen tubes and catheters.

Over the weekend, nurses and other Providence Portland, Seaside, and Home Health and Hospice workers voted to authorize a strike. They say they are overburdened with high caseloads and need help to provide the care patients deserve.

Physical Therapists

Home health care is the medical treatment you can receive at home after an illness, injury, or surgery. It’s often less expensive and more convenient than going to the hospital or a skilled nursing facility (SNF).

Physical therapists are committed to assisting their patients in reducing pain, gaining muscle strength, improving mobility, and achieving their individual goals. They help people of all ages and abilities move better and reach their full potential without drugs or surgeries.

Occupational Therapists

Home health services can help people with disabilities manage their day-to-day activities and improve their quality of life. Some may feel apprehensive about having someone come into their home to provide care, but the team is well-trained.

Communicates professionally with patients/families/caregivers, providers, peers, and supervisors. Completes appropriate assessments, re-assessments, and treatments per physician orders/referral/care plan. Maintains productivity standards by meeting time management guidelines and efficiently utilizing the time between patient treatments.

Social Workers

The social worker is essential to the interdisciplinary team, providing patients access to ongoing resources and support systems. In addition to conducting comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments, they identify barriers to care and advocate for their patients.


Dietitians are trained to assess your health, talk with you about what you eat, and teach you and your caregiver how to care for yourself. They may also provide medical equipment, like helping you take blood pressure or get in and out of bed.

To become a registered dietitian in Oregon, a candidate must possess at least a bachelor’s degree from an ACEND-accredited program and pass the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) exam. They must also maintain their Oregon state licensure and CDR registration every five years.

Personal Care Aides

Home health care is medical care that comes to your home. It can include things like wound care, help with medicines or medical equipment, and physical therapy. Home health aides have nursing certification or higher medical training. They may check your blood pressure or temperature, give injections, and teach you how to care for yourself at home.

Some seniors need home health services after a hospital stay or to recover from surgery or an illness. Others need home health services regularly to help manage chronic conditions.

Companion Care

Medicare usually covers home health care and can be given in your home. The staff will check on you often to ensure you take your medicine well. They will also keep in touch with your doctor or allowed practitioner.

Companion care services provide socialization and a second set of eyes and hands to help keep seniors safe. They do not provide medical services like wound care or physical therapy.


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