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White Brick House with Black Trim: A Striking Combination of Elegance and Contrast

White Brick House With Black Trim

Black paint brings high contrast to brick, helping the home’s details stand out. In this example, the modern black framed windows and doors coordinate beautifully with the white painted brick and trim.

If you have a brick house, consider painting it a light neutral color like this warm, creamy off-white. It complements red brick and other earthy tones in a way that feels clean and fresh.

White Brick

Brick houses can look stunning in white, as shown on this bespoke home. The bright facade contrasts beautifully with the black trim and windows on this quaint property. The wooden doors and pillars on the front porch add to the house’s overall charm. The pristine color also brings out the details of the windows and doors, making them appear sculptural rather than functional. The white brick also gives the plants and flowers on this enchanting home major curb appeal.

What is the best color to paint a brick house?

Brick can be painted a variety of colors, but white is the most popular choice because it creates a clean, polished appearance and highlights decorative elements on the exterior. White also reflects sunlight, keeping the home cooler in warm weather. It is a versatile shade that complements many different types of windows and door frames.

White is also a classic and timeless color that never goes out of style. It looks striking on almost any type of home, from ranch-style to Tudor to Colonial. It pairs well with a range of accents, from dark green to deep brown and cool shades of gray.

When deciding what color to paint a brick house, consider the surrounding landscape and your personal taste. A soft neutral like ivory or beige is a good choice because it will give the home a classic, polished look that will stand out against natural surroundings. This neutral will also pair well with most wood trim and accents, including door and window frames.

If you prefer a brighter look, try milky white or cream. These shades pair well with a variety of wood trim and other accents, such as metal window frames and shutters. A milky white exterior will also highlight the color of your front door, which can help you choose the perfect door handle to complement your new paint job.

Another option is to use a dark color like hunter green or forest green on your door, window frames and other architectural features. This high-contrast shade will draw the eye and create a beautiful contrast against brick walls. It also pairs well with wood accents, such as the rafters on this rustic barn-style house.

Black Trim

Black Trim

When white brick combines with black trim and decorations, it elevates the look of the facade. Whether it’s the window frames, the garage doors, or other accents on the front porch, the black elements really stand out. This bespoke home features white brick and black window frames, roof pitches, and shutters that add an authentic touch. The wooden accents on the staircase and the lattice top over the front porch give this unique home a Mediterranean feel.

When painting a white brick house, it’s important to find an off-white shade that looks warm enough. This color should be a few shades lighter than the existing brick and create contrast with the trim and other exterior materials. This traditional two-story home is painted with White Dove from Benjamin Moore to create a cohesive aesthetic across the different materials. Complementary accents in black and copper finish the look.

For a brighter off-white, consider choosing a paint with a creamier texture. This style of white provides a more soft appearance than stark ice blues or creamy ivory paints. It also allows the texture of the brick to shine through a bit more than other whites would, creating a more natural look. This brick facade is painted with Simply White by Benjamin Moore, which has a slightly warmer LRV than Oyster White and Shoji White, but not as light as Oyster White or Shoji White.

You can also try a limewash for your brick home. Limewash is a type of paint that penetrates the surface rather than sitting on top of it. This technique gives the brick a rustic, Old-World European look and requires less upkeep than traditional painting. However, it’s important to use a latex paint with this technique because limewash doesn’t hold up well against moisture.

Another great way to highlight the brick in your home is to add a darker trim color. This option works well for farmhouse and ranch-style houses, as well as some transitional or contemporary styles. The classic white color of Arctic White on this two-story house is complemented by the black windows, door frames, and roof to create a bold look that stands out against the brick.

White Siding

Painting brick houses white is a classic color choice that allows homeowners to refresh their homes without altering the brickwork. The fresh look of a painted brick home will draw the eye to windows, doors, and other architectural features while creating an appealing contrast with surrounding natural landscapes. White also reflects sunlight and helps keep homes cooler in warmer months.

A wide range of siding styles and colors pair well with a white brick house with black trim. Traditional wood siding such as horizontal lap and vertical board-and-batten looks beautiful with a crisp shade of white, while stucco and fiber cement siding look stunning in more neutral tones. Textured whites, such as the spotted shade used here on this charming cottage-style brick home, can give the exterior an acid-washed denim look.

If a clean, cool white is too stark against your red brick home, try a warm, creamy off-white shade. These shades wouldn’t be mistaken for white if used indoors, but they’re just the right tone to complement earthy tones like those found on brick. Creamy whites also look gorgeous on doors, window trim, and shutters.

Another way to enhance the curb appeal of a white brick house is by installing decorative gutters and downspouts. The clean, sleek lines of these accents draw the eye away from unsightly dirt streaks and add a touch of symmetry to the exterior.

A painted white brick house can make a dramatic statement when paired with bold, geometric window shapes and other architectural features. This modern farmhouse exterior combines a traditional color scheme with geometric features, such as a dormer window that draws attention to the roofline and a hexagonal front porch railing.

Another way to elevate the aesthetic of a white brick house is by pairing it with black trim and shutters. The stark contrast of this color combination draws the eye to large windows and quaint dormers, highlighting these unique design features.

Black Windows

Black windows can create a dramatic look on a white brick home when they contrast with the exterior trim and doors. They also enhance the aesthetics of a home by making it appear more refined and sophisticated. However, homeowners should be careful not to overdo it with the amount of black they use on their house. Overusing the color can make it appear bold and overwhelming. The best way to avoid this is by using a lighter shade of the brick paint color on the walls and a darker shade for the trim.

A popular choice is to use a charcoal color for the window trim on a white brick house. This looks beautiful when paired with a light brick paint, such as the off-white Iron Ore used on this gorgeous brick home. The color choice gives this brick home a classic and timeless appearance that will never go out of style.

Another option is to use a dark gray on a white brick home with black trim. This works well with a variety of different styles, including traditional and contemporary. The deep gray shade on this brick home adds a touch of warmth to the brick and provides an excellent contrast with the black window top trim. The dark gray accents also work well with the wood garage doors and rounded roofline of this brick home.

Some homeowners choose to add a pop of black on their brick houses by painting the door frames, shutters, or even their mailbox. While this may seem like a bold choice, it can make your brick house stand out in the neighborhood and increase its resale value. However, it’s important to remember that you will need to maintain these areas frequently. The best way to keep them looking good is to use a weather-resistant stain or paint.

White brick homes with black trim look absolutely stunning when the color palette is neutral and earthy. This color combination can also work well with many different styles, from modern to rustic. This brick home with black windows and a wooden front door creates an airy, open feeling and is perfect for a family home. It’s also complemented by the stone porch and tall trees surrounding the property, giving it a peaceful, natural feel.



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